Embedded systems

We offer development of embedded systems for various microcontroller families.


Teatiamo - Vibrator

We implemented the electronic design of the first wooden vibrator ever produced in Finland. As part of the design, we also wrote the software that controls the operation of the vibrator. We made the vibrator play the Star Wars theme song with vibration. However, the customer did not want it in the production version. 

What are embedded systems?

We offer the design of embedded systems for various industries and applications. Our special skills are measuring devices, radio and IOT devices, (LoRa, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS) and motor controls. 

We have accumulated experience using certain proven implementation tools, but we are also ready to use other solutions required by the project.  

Guide to the product development process - tips, advice and experiences

Download the free product development guide here to support your own product development. In the guide, we have listed e.g. pitfalls encountered on the way and things that should be taken into account when an electronic product is sent for development.