Electronics design

Circuit board design

PCB design service according to your needs. Over the decades, we have accumulated extensive experience in the design of various circuit boards.


Design-vibrator - Teatiamo Oy

The first wooden vibrator manufactured and designed in Finland.

Circuit board design for various needs

From door automation to IOT, from snowmobiles to designer wooden vibrators and from wireless measuring devices to e-paper displays.Arestech have accumulated a lot of experience in the design of various circuit boards. If we haven't done something yet, we will effectively look for a solution and ensure its operation.

We make solutions completely tailored to the needs of our customers.

We design circuit boards flexibly using tools that can be adapted to each case. Examples include Altium Designer, Proteus, Eagle and Kicad. 

Guide to the product development process - tips, advice and experiences

Download the free product development guide here to support your own product development. In the guide, we have listed e.g. pitfalls encountered on the way and things that should be taken into account when an electronic product is sent for development.