What is

Product design

The design and production of an electromechanical device requires multidisciplinary expertise.


MoistMaster Oy

The moisture-proof MoistMaster   E35 BT takes care of keeping warehouses, leisure spaces such as cabins, caravans, mobile homes and similar spaces dry with minimal energy consumption and thus guarantees the condition of them and the goods stored in them.

Product design stakeholders

Designers, mechanical designers, electronic designers, programmers, testers, communicators and the marketing team can be involved in the design of the device. Everything is best kept together by the project manager.

When you have an idea, through us you will get all the necessary skills to implement your idea.

Guide to the product development process - tips, advice and experiences

Download the free product development guide here to support your own product development. In the guide, we have listed e.g. pitfalls encountered on the way and things that should be taken into account when an electronic product is sent for development.