Electronics design

We offer versatile electronics design services.

Electronics design Arestech Oy
Kelluu Ilmalaiva

Kelluu Oy

Kelluu Oy on Pohjois-Euroopan ainoa ilmalaivatehdas. Suunnittelimme Kelluulle ilmalaiman hallintaan liittyvän piirilevymoduulin prototyypin, jota käytettiin testilennoilla.

What is electronic design?

Electronics design encompasses numerous areas. In connection with that, we offer e.g. the following services:


Is the idea technically feasible?

That is the core question of the conceptualization phase. The answer can be searched nimbly with the implementation of a concept prototype.

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Circuit board design

We make solutions completely tailored to the needs of our customers.

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Embedded system

We offer the design of embedded systems for various industries and applications.

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Free guide

Guide to the product development process - tips, advice and experiences

Download the free product development guide here to support your own product development. In the guide, we have listed e.g. pitfalls encountered on the way and things that should be taken into account when an electronic product is sent for development.