A good idea or a working prototype is not the same as a product suitable for production. We offer a complete solution to implement a production-ready device.


VISO e-paper display

We developed the VISO e-paper display from the prototype all the way to the production model. The prototype was implemented with ready-made Arduino development boards. In designing the production model, we collaborated with the customer, the designer, the software house and a company specializing in injection molding and mechanical design. The device was tested in a test laboratory and thus it was ensured that the device's properties meet the official requirements and standards set for it.

Production is the sum of many factors

Production of the product requires consideration of numerous issues. The device must be comprehensively tested in accordance with the requirements set by the standards. Tests may include safety and EMC tests. It must be ensured that the production of the device is reasonable and profitable. A designer's help is needed to make the device aesthetic, practical and suitable for its environment. Selling requires marketing.

Managing all stakeholders is easier if the project has a person who holds the reins. We can provide experts for all areas of your project.


Production for sets of different sizes

The size of a production batch of a product can vary from a few tens to several thousands. We can arrange suitable production partners for different needs. In electronics manufacturing, our partners are e.g. Elektroniikan 3K-Tehdas, Darekon Oy and Jotwire Oy.

Guide to the product development process - tips, advice and experiences

Download the free product development guide here to support your own product development. In the guide, we have listed e.g. pitfalls encountered on the way and things that should be taken into account when an electronic product is sent for development.