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ABLOY offers security and locking innovations dedicated to creating more trust in the world.

With the help of swing door automation, the opening of the door can be made barrier-free and is especially suitable as a solution for doors in healthcare, offices and private apartments. We have been a partner of Abloy Oy in the development and maintenance tasks of swing door automation for a decade.


Door automation security system

The purpose of the project was to update the control electronics and embedded software of the door safety sensors in Abloy's door automation devices so that the door mechanism could function in accordance with the requirements of the EN16005 standard. The standard specifies that the door mechanism must monitor the condition of the safety device and prevent the operation of the automatic door operator if the safety sensor is not in order. The work included circuit board design, embedded programming, hardware testing and the organization and implementation of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) tests.

In addition, we designed a production tester to ensure in production that the device works in accordance with the EN16005 standard.


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