VISO e-paper display

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An easy, fast and inexpensive way to exchange information for a sign. Viso, a digital information sign.

VISO is a digital information sign that works with an e-paper display. The text of the sign can be changed using a mobile application, either locally using Bluetooth or remotely using a web application and WiFi. 

At first, we made a prototype of the product using ready-made Arduino development boards. This way we were able to quickly confirm the operation. In the next step, a circuit board was designed, which could already fit into the stylish thin case made by the designer.

After the usage testing, it was decided to update the disk and modify the software. When the operation was achieved as desired, the device was EMC-tested and the device was awarded the CE mark.

Designer Heikki Koivurova Totaldesign Oy ( ), injection molding company Greenfox Oy ( ) and the mobile app designed by Collapick Oy ( )  were also involved in the project.

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